About 4Leaves







About 4Leaves

Leaves is a section holding handling and online sale duties for corporation in our Oceania trade.

We become the Japanese only authorized agent of Tea Total company.

Made of “your body things which you eat every day” when is said so, is not shocked?
I established it in thought, “I wanted Japanese to know the New Zealand more” that the high quality of the tea of Tea Total company really met various places of the staff from the start including Anna which was the founder and felt strength of the thought to the “coexistence “tea which did the life wealthily” with nature and the person”, splendor of the personality directly, and “to want to become New Zealand and a Japanese bridge through tea”.

When a Japanese liking small quantities by the cooperation with Tea Total company and us be pleased, only we may prepare 30 g of packs throughout the world for Japan.

I provide various types of tea at a simple price for homes to be more reasonable, and to be able to enjoy several kinds of causes, first-class tea close little by little.

Through “the tea which the body which is not only delicious is pleased” with made under magnificent nature called the New Zealand of Tea Total company and beautiful environment,

“Which adds the richness to the life of” you who “send New Zealand blessings of nature to all of you” quietly and
When “it which tells a New Zealand good point to all of” Japan is our mission, I feel it.

Because I receive orders and become the production up to it about the corporation-like business product, I have time until arrival to Japan for approximately approximately one month.

About 4Leaves


弊社はTea Total社の日本唯一の正規代理店となっております。

Tea Total社のティーの品質の高さはもとより、創始者であるAnnaを始め、スタッフの方々と実際に会い、
“自然と人との共存” “人生を豊かにするティー” への想いの強さ、人となりの素晴らしさを直に感じ、

Tea Total社と弊社との連携により、少量を好む日本人が喜んでくれるようにと、全世界で日本向けに弊社のみ30gパックをご用意して頂ける事になりました。


Tea Total社のニュージーランドという雄大な自然と美しい環境下で作られた
“ただ美味しいではない、身体が喜ぶティー” を通じて、



Tea Totalについて

4Leaves (大洋州貿易)

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小原 靖貴

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小寺 宣人

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